If you haven’t been to Laguna Beach, you’ll soon see how much of a challenge parking is here –

Seven4one actually has what’s considered by locals as a phenomenal parking arrangement!

Since Seven4one is not a public hotel and is located directly on Pacific Coast Highway in busy downtown Laguna Beach, we do not have 24/7 valet or a turnaround at our front door. Furthermore, valet stations on PCH are actually illegal in Laguna Beach. Cars CANNOT stop directly in front of our door for any reason – this is a red curb area. In California, curbs are painted red to signify NO STOPPING AT ANY TIME, and other colors to signify other things.

There is a loading zone (WHITE curb) 40 feet past our front door with space for two cars to unload – this is a 15 minute loading zone for Seven4one.

We also have a carport area in the back of our building (past our front door, right on St. Ann’s, right again on narrow alleyway Gaviota Dr.) that is ideal for quick unloading and dropping off guests.

Attention Day Of The Wedding Attendees: Valet will Be At The Church Parking Lot

Seven4one’s parking lot is located one block directly east, on Glenneyre St. (runs parallel to Coast Highway, one block inland). This is the Neighborhood Congregational Church parking lot, and the entrance to the lot is located on Glenneyre St., directly on the other side of the Ralph’s market across Coast Highway from us. You may drive up Cleo St. or St. Ann’s to access Glenneyre St.  You can also take Glenneye St. from downtown all the way to the church (instead of PCH).



Thank you!

741 South Coast Highway | Laguna Beach, CA 92651 | 949.494.6200 |



  1. We are familiar with the Church parking lot. Do we have to have a pass from Seven4one to park there just for the wedding? 

    • Hey Carole,

      Only the guest staying at the hotel are required to have parking pass. Attendees for the wedding that day are not required to have a pass. I will double check for you to be safe.


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