741 Collage

Secreted away in the very midst of sun-splashed Laguna Beach, it’s just steps from the sandy shore and surf. No signage clutters the simple but stylish exterior, and passersby would never guess that this façade of smoky windows, reclaimed wood and cascading greenery conceals the luxurious accommodations and inspiring event spaces of a boutique hotel available exclusively for the wedding guest.

Customization is key at Seven4one, and their event experts are quite keen on matching their exceptional talents for food and entertaining with your particular desires.

You’ll be in your very own world, a two-story palace of a place in a million-dollar setting. It’s all rather dreamy—no rush, no interruptions, impeccable service—the big day can unfold in a natural way without the stress of time limits or unexpected intrusions.

Guests can congregate downstairs in the lobby or the sleek martini lounge. Or, they might stroll into the spacious open-air interior courtyard. Surrounded above by the second-floor balcony, it features a beautiful “living” wall of cascading greenery and reclaimed wood and is easily transformed through lighting and props to suit any vision. A retractable roof makes it weatherproof, but this is Laguna Beach so most of the time you can be sure that the canopy of sky is going to remain bright blue by day and moon- and star-lit once the sun goes down.

And speaking of sunsets, the place to enjoy them is the hotel’s second-floor sundeck. When there’s no party in progress, it’s a divine escape from the hubbub of entertaining as well as the perfect Pacific-facing perch for taking in the property’s sweeping vistas of sea, sky and gorgeous California coast.

The most appealing aspect of Seven4one is that once the main event is over, guests won’t have to tear yourselves away. They’ll all have plenty of time to press the pause button, unwind, settle in, and savor this remarkable slice of the good life a little longer.


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